Our Work

Selected examples from some of our favourite recent projects.

  • Goose — July 2018

    Travel insurance made easy

    Purchasing and remembering to get travel insurance can be a problem. We partnered with Goose to develop an engaging, mobile first experience.

  • Waggle — January 2016

    Live streaming your pet

    We worked with Broadway Video to craft a brand and interface for this pets only live-streaming app that's as fun as throwing a stick for your puppy.

  • FTS 360 — January 2016

    Remote weather tracking

    Close collaboration with the FTS team resulted in a powerful platform for managing and tracking weather data from remote stations.

  • MeWe — January 2018

    Volunteer opportunities that matter

    The Muhammad Ali Foundation's goal was to inspire users to volunteer in their community. We built a mobile app that connects volunteers with opportunities that match their interests.

  • Postachio — June 2014

    Share beautifully

    Postach.io is the award winning Evernote powered blogging platform, another in house product from our team.

  • Volley — November 2015

    Machine intelligence

    Volley is a San Francisco based startup operating in stealth mode. We collaborated to create a shiny new brand and snazzy motion graphics.

  • GitLance — November 2015

    Find top developers

    GitLance creates customized profiles for developers by analyzing their code through a custom algorithm. We worked with GitLance to design and build the front-end UI.

  • Contractors.com — May 2013

    Hire great contractors

    Renovations can be a messy and painful process, we created a responsive web solution designed to make discovering and hiring a contractors simple.

  • Ubora — April 2016

    Make excellent decisions

    Ubora is a micro polling platform allowing users to make better decisions. Our team designed a pitch perfect experience for Ubora's users.

  • Roomchat — April 2016

    Colourful mobile chat

    Starting conversations on the move should be simple and focused on having fun. We developed an iOS app that does just that.

  • Posirank — January 2016

    Streamlined SEO

    Posirank is an all-in-one SEO platform for freelancers, agencies and small business owners. Our re-structured and re-designed app raises the SEO bar.

  • QuoteRobot — May 2014

    Look professional

    Freelancers gotta get paid, so we created QuoteRobot as an in house effort to solve a pain point for our agency and freelancers around the world.

  • Unplug — June 2018

    Guided meditation on the go

    On the go meditation has never been better. Input helped craft a wonderfully simple and inspiring app for mobile devices, AppleTV & the web.

  • DataWallet — March 2015

    Feed your lifestyle

    DataWallet needed a fresh and youthful brand to turn a controversial idea into a fun way to earn some weekend party cash.

  • Winston – January 2018

    Manage infulencer campaigns

    Winston is an online platform that allows influencers to work with some of the largest fashion, sports and entertainment brands in the world.

  • Kuper Sotheby's — March 2016

    Listing management

    Kuper is custom real estate platform for Sotheby’s International Realty. Our team developed a responsive web solution along with native apps for both iOS and Andriod.

  • Moodji — March 2015

    Track your mood

    We created Moodji in house as a fun way to track our moods as a team by choosing a mood emoji for each of our most common emotions.

  • Duby — March 2015

    A network for cannabis enthusiasts

    Our design team developed a beautiful new look and feel with photo sharing and community voting at it's core.

  • Dawn Of War — March 2016

    Real time sci-fi strategy

    We created a responsive and reusable front-end framework for Relic Entertainment's Dawn of War III.

  • Netgear — May 2016

    Simplifying the set up process

    Setting up a home wi-fi network can be challenging and sometimes frustrating — so we simplified it and introduced some dancing robots to the process.

  • Voxeet — December 2015

    Every conversation matters

    Voxeet developed the most crystal clear, noise free conference calling solution we'd ever experienced. We created a brand & interface as polished as the app sounds.