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Goose Insurance

Travel insurance made easy

Purchasing and remembering to get travel insurance can be a problem. We partnered with Goose to develop an engaging, mobile first experience.

Andrew Wilkinson — Founder, Metalab

Input Logic's team is world class. Plain and simple.

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Unplug Meditation

Guided meditation on the go

On the go meditation has never been better. Input helped craft a wonderfuly simple and inspiring app for mobile devices, AppleTV & the web.

Miguel Kudry — Founder, HelpHub

Input Logic has been instrumental in turning our vision, ideas, and what we’ve learned into an amazing product.

Muhammad Ali Foundation

Volunteer opportunities that matter to you

The Muhammad Ali Foundation's goal was to inspire users to volunteer in their communities. We built a native iOS app that connects volunteers with opportunities that match their interests.

Stephane Giraudie — Founder, Voxeet

Input Logic has been a tremendous help in re-designing our Voxeet mobile and web apps to help us re-define the future of work.


Simplifying the set up process

Setting up a home wi-fi network can be challenging and sometimes frustrating — so we simplified it and introduced some dancing robots to the process.