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Consumer Reports came to us looking to build a tool to help empower people who are concerned about how their personal data is used. We came up with an engaging Tinder-like card UI that helps users manage their data with a long list of companies.

As a Consumer Reports Digital Lab product, the identity needed to fit within the CR family. All their products share similar green color palettes. We wanted to find a way to subtly stand out from the crowd, and hopefully appeal to a younger audience. So we went with green, but we gave it a hit of lime and some Paul Rand-inspired illustrations to spice things up.

We all gravitated towards the idea of a physical ‘permission slip.’ The logo and supporting graphics all play off this idea. The logo uses a folded corner to symbolize a piece of paper. The illustrations have a paper cutout feel to them. In a digital age, analog stuff just feels good, and bringing in tactile elements helps a product stand out from the typical look that dominates the app market these days.

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Using a Tinder-like home screen, we educate you on what data different companies collect and sell. Building in swipe gestures allows you to quickly take action on companies, while completing satisfying interactions.

Once a request to manage or delete data is submitted, you can check in on its status and get regular updates. If you’d like, you can have Permission Slip automatically submit ongoing requests on your behalf.

Working with the Consumer Reports team was a blast. We’re big fans of any effort to empower people when it comes to their personal data. If you’re interested in taking back control of your data, download Permission Slip.

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“Input Logic is everything under one roof: UX, design, copywriting, engineering, analytics, and more. The app they produced checked all of management’s boxes, and most importantly, consumers loved it. I also appreciate their great communication, and the passion they show for our business. Their energy is infectious and I can’t imagine developing our app with anyone else.”

- Ginny Fahs, Project Lead, Consumer Reports

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