About Us

Poor software makes us sad but we get really lit up about making nice things, so we put our passions to work every day.

Input team member working on their MacBook in the company lounge.

We crank out realistic product strategy, gorgeous interface design, and well tested code.

Cemex coffee pot brewing fresh artisinal coffee in the Input Logic kitchen.

Launch on time.

Execute beautifully.


Launch on time.

Execute beautifully.


Inspiring action.

Hungry to learn.

We’re addicts for the high we get when launching apps we’re proud of, and we bring that energy to teams we’re part of.

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Input HQ.

Speaking of teamwork — we believe in shoulder taps and real-time feedback. We avoid big reveals and share work early and often. We know that great ideas are the result of collaboration.

Our honest approach makes us trusted partners to entrepreneurs who get things done. If that’s you, then let’s chat.

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