Support & community for people managing health conditions 


Strategy, Branding,
UI/UX Design, Engineering


Strategy, Visual identity, Wireframes, Hi-fidelity screens, prototype, iOS & Android app


iOS, Android

The Inspire team came to us for help extending their successful web platform to an iOS app. Inspire has a large, vibrant community with millions of users. They connect people interested in seeking and sharing support related to specific health conditions.

For Inspire to provide real value to community members, it’s important that people can easily find and interact with relevant conversations. Because the app would serve both new and old users, we wanted to create an intuitive navigation system that still felt familiar. We focused on ease of discovery, mobile-friendly conversations that invite interaction, and a notification system to help people stay on top of discussions.

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Inspire needed a robust interface for post creation. Members can start a discussion, attach photos and videos, share posts in a certain topic area, or write journal entries that can either be shared or kept private.

We’ve been working with Inspire as an ongoing partner for awhile, and it’s a true pleasure to do product work that brings a real benefit to people who are seeking connection and support.

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“My company contracted with Input Logic to develop an iOS app for our social health platform, and the entire experience has been fabulous. Very professional, very skilled, reliable, and so easy to work with. We have both enjoyed and learned from the experience and look forward further collaboration.”

- Brian Deighton, Inspire

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