City Insight 

A powerful payment portal that helps save the planet 

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Brand design,
UX/UI design, Development


Wireframes, Hi-fidelity screens, Prototype, Web app


iOS, Android, Web

Municipal governments use City Insight to manage billing and utilities reporting for their citizens. It’s more than a payment portal – it also educates people on their water usage, so they can limit their environmental impact.

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Let’s face it, it’s not fun to pay bills. Our goal was to make that experience a little more enjoyable, as well as educational and high-converting. Users can easily manage accounts, track their water usage, and even pay bills for multiple addresses if they’re managing many properties at once.

It was a fun UI challenge to create a design system that would play well with lots of different municipality logos. We used a color palette inspired by the planet, including a ‘digital blue’ that gives the app a modern look and feel.

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By gamifying profile setup, we encourage users to add a payment method, enable auto-payments, and set up paperless billing. That way, users and municipalities both benefit from fewer missed payments, and a lower environmental impact.

We spent lots of time on the details, making sure that it’s easy to pay bills, manage your account, and monitor your water usage – no matter what device you’re using.

We loved working with the City Insight team to give their product a facelift. It was a joy to work on a product that makes it easier for municipalities to manage billing at scale, while also increasing awareness about water consumption for millions of people.

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