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Visual identity, Wireframes, Hi-fidelity screens, Prototype, Web app, Smart contract



Supafanatix is a marketplace for NFTs from your favorite artists — from premium tickets and experiences, to music and digital collectibles. The team at Nacci tasked us with turning their concept into reality, by designing a unique brand and building a fully-featured web3 marketplace.

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Unlike many music NFT platforms that mainly serve the crypto-native scene, Supafanatix is centered on artists and their fans. So we focused on building something that felt fresh and new, while still being intuitive for people who are new to web3.

To help make purchasing NFTs intuitive and easy for people who have never made a crypto transaction, we dove deep during the UX phase. We landed on an ultra-simple, n00b-friendly wallet creation and checkout flow using Magic Link and Moonpay.

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Supafanatix is a platform for artists, by artists. So we worked with the team to create a visual language that was different from a lot of web3 stuff. The identity is colorful, but rooted in lo-fi elements that feel a little retro, and reminiscent of Thursday night music sets at your fave local venue.

The Supafanatix team didn’t want gas costs to cause any checkout friction, so we built the platform on Polygon to make transactions seamless and affordable. We also used a pseudo-lazy-minting approach in the smart contract, allowing us to mint an NFT on behalf of an artist and transfer it to the buyer.

As the Supafanatix team readies for launch, we’re stoked to see how the offering is adopted and received by people in the music community.

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