A better time tracking experience

VeriClock is an employee time tracking application with advanced features like location management, accounting software integrations and labour law compliance. We implemented new feaures while redesigning the UI to improve efficiency and usability for all user types.


Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development




Web, iOS app

The goal

To make VeriClock a markedly better time tracking application, we knew it was important to reduce complexity and shorten the amount of time employees and managers would have to spend on basic tasks. To implement new features, we had to spend time understanding how users would most naturally integrate those functions into their daily workflow.

User tests & product review

After kicking off the project, it was time to divide and conquer. Our team simultaneously conducted expert user interviews, and performed a detailed review of the existing product. This helped us to identify important user and business goals, and outline areas for improvement throughout the application.

Competitive analysis

We reviewed half a dozen direct competitors. Our heuristic evaluation looked at features, common design patterns, naming conventions, and usability errors to avoid. Alongside our product review, this gave us invaluable insights and inspiration, helping us kick the project off on the right foot.

Iterative design loop

With user insights and strong knowledge of the domain under our belts, we set off designing wireframes and high fidelity screens. Reviewing these frequently with the VeriClock team helped us to iterate rapidly, allowing their expert knowledge to help refine our designs.

New features

We worked hand-in-hand with the VeriClock team to scope and design a new scheduling feature, including advanced features like templating and conflict warnings. Thanks to insights from users and our competitive analysis, we designed and developed a simple and powerful way to manage complex scheduling.

An improved table structure balancing density and an appealing design

Strong status affordance when users are clocking in and out

A fun and versatile colour palette allows for powerful user customization

iPad kiosk app

We also created an iPad-based kiosk application that allows employees to clock in and out, manage their break times, and manage active job types. The goal? Reduce the number of taps and interactions needed, so users would enjoy the app.

Granting insight into company operations with the admin dashboard

An easy and intuitive interface to manage time and schedule