Search engine optimization can be tricky. With a revamped design & experience, Posirank keeps pushing SEO forward.

01 — Project Overview

Posirank needed help with re-designing their existing all-in-one SEO platform. As well as a fresh coat of paint they wanted to streamline the experience of several key flows.

We conducted user interviews and usability testing to perfect our design solutions. We then delivered an experience that improves the product discovery process, system feedback & transparency and overall usability of the app. It also looks pretty slick.

05 — Improved product discovery

PosiRank features a range of stand alone products and all-in-one packages. Our goal was to improve the discovery process by making product details and prices clear and easy to compare. Our improved navigation structure and system feedback also made this task easier for users.

PosiRank Design Process

  • User Research & Wireframing

    After a series of stakeholder interviews we chatted with serveral PosiRank users to identify their goals and pain points. These insights guided our thinking through the wireframe design process.

  • Usability Testing

    Once wireframes were develped we tested our interactive prototype with active users. They were asked to completed 3 main tasks. This resulted in useful feedback, allowing us to further perfect our design.

  • UI & Visual Design

    With a soild architecture and user flow in place our design team then focused on delivering a pixel perfect visual design. These were then translated into a front-end framework.