A performance toolkit for Python developers

Websites and apps keep getting loaded up with more and more stuff. But nearly half of people will peace out if their screen hasn't fully loaded in just 3 seconds. We created Moonroof to help Python and Django developers shine a spotlight on slow queries and performance issues. We created Moonroof to help other Python developers zoom in to slow queries and performance issues, to make the internet a better place.


Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development


In-house project



The goal

We devote the vast majority of our time to client projects, but when we can carve out the time, we like to build things in-house, too. The fun of working on our in-house projects is that we get to dip our toes into the entire customer lifecycle of a product, as opposed to just a piece of it (like we’d typically do, in concert with a client).

Why we built Moonroof

Sometimes your product can be loaded down by things like slow page response times and SQL queries that needlessly loop forever and ever. This is a pain point we feel ourselves, and it’s hard to find simple but effective solutions for it. We created Moonroof to help developers monitor and hone in on problematic queries and endpoints, so they can keep everything running ship-shape.

Showcasing the team’s expertise

We could’ve launched Moonroof with a GitHub repo and a post on Hacker News, but we wanted to leverage the awesome skills of our entire team — from UI and UX design, to brand design and animation.

Elements that are simple but unique, with a nod to old-school iconography.

The logo invokes dark-mode, code editors, the night sky and constellations.

Trisometric graphics that illustrate complex systems & processes.

A brand developers love

We created a brand that invokes dark-mode, code editors, the night sky and constellations. We also wanted to maintain a level of minimalism and simplicity that developers who like vim might appreciate. After putting together the simple colour palette — mainly black and white, with shots of purple — we created a series of illustrations and animations to really bring the brand to life.

Conveying the main gist of Moonroof: simplicity, process monitoring, illumination, celebration.

Ultra-simple but powerful data vizualisations

The (retro computer) night sky