Designing and building a local event-discovery tool

It can be hard to stay on top of all the fun events and activities happening near you. Regularly digging through local newsletters, calendars and websites with event listings is basically a part time job. Legendaily makes it easy to see everything that’s going on, by curating a local list of events that’s easy to browse and filter.


Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development





The goal

Legendaily wants to help you find out about local vendor street markets, organized marathons, educational speakers at your nearby university, big arena concerts, live music venues featuring indie bands — you name it. Best of all, Legendaily is about helping you discover events, not trying to sell you tickets.

Making content accessible

Because users are likely to be scrolling through many events at a given time, it’s important that there’s a clear hierarchy to make the event cards easily scannable. The question: what info is the most valuable to people searching for events? Based on our research of other event platforms, we found that the title and image associated with each were crucial. We focused on featuring those. Then, to keep these event cards ultra-scannable, we hid details like the venue, address, ticket prices, etc. until a simple click or tap expanded the card.

Ease of use

We created a simple and straightforward filtering system that lives at the top of the event cards at all times. It allows users to filter by three parameters: Date, Event Type, and Venue. Visitors can filter for events that are a specific weekend three weeks from now, for example, or they can search just a handful of their favorite venues.

Expanding cards to show and hide the event details

Filtering system to easily navigate many events

User accounts to save events and come back to them later

A fun brand refresh

The client came to us with a logo idea and a color in mind (pictured below), looking for a brand update. We used this as a stepping stone to develop the current identity.

Our focus was on keeping it simple, creating key building blocks that leave room for the brand to grow and evolve in the future. To establish a refreshed brand but still leave room for growth in the future, we focused on the logo, color palette, and typeface.

A new, simplified & minimal version of Legendaily’s original calendar + star logo

A fresh and modern typeface to use from headings & display type, to all the little UI details

Using magenta to convey a sense of joyfulness, vibrance and creativity - feelings all core to great event experiences

Future design considerations

After wrapping up the design sprint, we decided to circle back and consider some ideas worth thinking about for the future.

Illustration explorations

In lieu of a photo in the header (so as not to make the app seem centered around a particular type of event), we decided to explore an illustrative approach. Because Legendaily is focused on creating a fun experience for their users, it felt fitting to include some human elements, as well as some specific event-related elements like the disco ball, food and drink, musical notes, theatre masks, tickets, etc.

Expanding the palette

While exploring illustrations, it felt like the perfect time to introduce some new colors. In our illustrations, we kept the magenta as a primary color so that these new colors could easily be tied into the rest of the UI. We also introduced some new shades: a mix of bright colors and pastels for balance.

Other locations

Right now, Legendaily is focused on launching in Vancouver, BC — but the need to navigate myriad sources to find local events is not unique to Vancouver. So we asked ourselves: how could we approach adding the element of location? We introduced a simple ‘Events in Vancouver’ dropdown that makes navigating between locations simple, while also helping to reinforce exactly what Legendaily is for.

Christine Arnold
CEO & Publisher, Legendaily Media Inc.

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