Support for people managing health conditions

Inspire is a large, vibrant community that connects people interested in seeking and sharing support related to specific health conditions. Patients, caregivers, family members and friends can engage with support groups and communities related to a variety of chronic conditions, topics, treatments and diseases.


Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development





The goal

The Inspire team came to us for help extending their successful web platform — with millions of users — to an iOS app. The goal? Encourage engagement, discovery, and a true sense of connection by making the app easy to navigate and enjoyable to use.

Extending from web to app

Because Inspire already had a feature-rich web product with an active community, our primary goal was to extend that experience to an iOS app in an intuitive way. We worked together to translate the Inspire look and feel to the app, and to make each interaction feel a little bit more natural in the app than it might on mobile web.

The feeling of connection

Inspire is all about connection, so we set out to make opportunities to interact with others as clear and easy to find as possible. There’s a huge amount of content available to users, so building out a simple, intuitive navigation was critical. We also focused on creating a sense of intimacy with direct messages between users, making them feel like a text message conversation with a friend.

Creating a sense of connection with text-message-like conversations

A custom loading animation

Encouraging meaningful interaction between users, with commenting and reactions

Bringing people together

For Inspire to provide real value to community members, it's important that people can easily find and interact with relevant conversations. Because the app would serve brand new users as well as those used to engaging via the website, we wanted to create an intuitive navigation system that still felt familiar. We focused on ease of discovery, mobile-friendly conversations that invite interaction, and a notification system to help people stay on top of discussions.

Profile pages help you quickly and easily learn about a community or another community member, and the message inbox helps you feel like you're texting with a friend.

A set of simple visual cues help users to navigate between key features

Community pages facilitate interactions, making it easy to join, donate, or engage with resources

Profile pages that help you get to know someone and connect with them

Dana Deighton
CEO & Publisher, Legendaily Media Inc.

"[We] contracted with Input Logic to develop iOS app for our social health platform about 18 months ago and the entire experience has been fabulous. Very professional, very skilled, reliable, and so so easy to work with."