Travel insurance made easy

Goose Insurance makes travel insurance easy, using location-based reminders to make sure you never forget to buy coverage. They came to us to design and develop a mobile iOS and Android app, taking advantage of your phone’s functionality to create a delightful and super-useful experience.


Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development


Goose Insurance


Web, iOS app, Android app

The goal

Goose uses location-based notifications to remind you to pick up travel insurance at the right moment: when you approach a border, arrive at an airport or a different country.

An easy purchase process

Insurance can be complicated and confusing. The Goose app uses a simple step-by-step process to help you get exactly the insurance you need, quickly and easily. Adding and managing multiple travellers is a crinch, saving you time when purchasing future policies, too.

Web + app = :)

We extended the app design into a similar browser-based experience, allowing web users to take advantage of the same easy-to-use functionality.

An ultra-simple purchase experience that’s more fun than you’re used to

Custom icons to make navigation delightful and intuitive

A clear, fresh UI that takes the hassle out of travel insurance

Max functionality, with a minimal experience

To reduce the hassle of purchasing travel insurance, we worked closely with the Goose team to condense a series of important features into an extremely simple UI with clear navigation. Whether you're looking to purchase insurance, obtain a quote, get emergency assistance, or find detailed information about your policy, everything is easy to find. We also built in a "give $10, get $10" referral functionality to allow Goose to help drive cost-effective user acquisition.

Combining Goose’s signature magenta and deep teal to create a unique set of icons

Extremely clear policy management so that you always know your coverage status

The bright color palette adds surprising personality and levity